Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Pocket Sandwich

1.pocket sandwiches (we can get it in any stores where we get bakery items)
2.Capsicum chopped(1/2 cup)
3.Mushroom chopped(1/2 cup)

4.Eggs 2 count
5.Small onion finely chopped(preferebly red onion)
6.Olive oil
7.Crushed pepper
8.pinch of ginger garlic chopped very finely
10.Tomato 1 count(optional)
11.Salt to taste

1.Heat a wide pan.Add 1or 2 tspn of olive oil then drop finely chopped ginger&garlic.
2.Then, soon add chopped onions,capsicum,mushroom,tomatos and suate few mins.
3.Now crack the eggs in a bowl and pour it in the pan and fry well for 2 to 3 mins
4.Add pepper and salt ,mix it well for few mins.
5.Take out the mixture from the pan and stuff inside pocket sandiwiches.You can spread mayonnaise on top of it.Yummy sandwich is ready for breakfast.

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