Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Bengali goat curry

1.Mutton 2lbs(nearly 1kg)
2.Potato medium size 4 to 5 count
3. Onion 1 big size
4.Ginger garlic paste 2 tspns
5.Tomatos medium size 2 count
6. Cinnamon,cardamom,lavang(each 3 count)
7.oil and salt to taste
8.pinch of sugar.
                 Marinate mutton with turmeric,chilli powder ,ginger garlic paste1tspn , one Tspn of mustard oil(optional) for at least half an hr.Prepare onion and tomato paste separately in a blender.
Garnish:dry roast cardamom,cinnamon and make it into fine powder.

1.Heat 3tbspn of oil and fry potatos until golden brow.Now remove from the pan and keep aside.
2.In another pan stir fry mutton until water evaporates for about 10 to 15 mins(this is because to get rid of the raw mutton smell,we are not using any oil)
3.Take pressure cooker add oil(we can use the left over oil which we used to fry potatos) you may add more oil if you think it is dry.Add whole spices cinnamon,dalchin,lavang.Fry few seconds.I add pinch of sugar in the oil for color.
4.Add onion paste and fry well until oil comes out from the paste.Now add 1tspn of ginger garlic paste and fry well.After few mins add tomato puree and fry until masala is well cooked(the oil oozes out from the masala)
5.We can add a bit of store bought kadai mutton masala for color.I add 1spn of kadai mutton masala.
6.Now it's time to add mutton and potatos to the masala and fry few mins.
7.It will take 3to 4 whistles to cook mutton.After one whistle we can take out potatos.
8. Now remove the cooker lid after 4 whistles. Now add potatos and check out the gravy if you want thick gravy you can just boil few more mins.
9.Garnish with cardomom,cinnamon powder(sprinkle 1/2spn top of it)

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