Thursday, March 3, 2016

Beerakai ( ridgegourd) chana dal curry

Beerakai or ridge gourd medically referred to as Luffa acuteangula as well as called turiya.This particular veggie is definitely a well known veggie within the Asia,Africa as well as Arabic nations.Vegetables from the gourd family are extremely advantageous through the health perspective.Ridge gourd is quite lower in saturated fats as well as calories.It really abundant with dietary fiber,vitaminc,riboflavin,zinc,thiamin,iron,as wee as magnesium.Today iam going to post Beeraki mixed with chana dal in BM#62 under the theme 'No tomato gravies'An awesome curry which tastes good with roti and rice too.


  •  Beerakai 3
  • chana dal 1/2 cup
  • onion 1 
  • Red chillies 2
  • Ginger garlic crushed 3 tbspns
  • mustard seeds 1/2 tspn
  • jeera 1/2 tspn
  • chillie powder
  • Turmeric powder
  • garam masala 1 tspn
  •  salt to taste.
  • oil 2 tbspns

  1. Soak chana dal atleast half an hr in water.
  2. Heat oil in a pan, then add mustard seeds,jeera,when it starts spluttering add chopped onions.
  3. Fry well until onions turns little brown then add crushed ginger and garlic( if not time to crush you can add ginger garlic paste).Saute few more mins then add chopped beerakai followed by salt and turmeric.
  4. Now add soaked chana dal and ,close the lid let it cook few mins until beerakai and dal becomes little soft. or( you can put chana dal in microwave for 8 to 10 mins.In that case add chana dal just before adding chilli powder)
  5. After  few mins add red chilli powder followed by garam masala( a key ingredient).
  6. Let it cook few more mins and then  switch off the stove.Enjoy with roti or rice.


  1. Home style, comfort food. The addition of chana dal makes it more nutritious.

  2. Never tried beerakaya this way. It is squally bottle gourd. It is indeed a comfort food.

  3. Can have this curry simply with some rice and papads, such a comforting food.

  4. Such a comforting and healthy curry,looks delicious.Perfect with rice and rotis.

  5. Never tried this combination even though I like Beerakaya very much. Love the simple recipe.

  6. We make this too , but with a addition of onions and tomatoes , tour dish looks simple and nice .

  7. My family doesn't like beerakai,I think it's a good idea to hide it n quite nutritious as well

  8. My family doesn't like beerakai,I think it's a good idea to hide it n quite nutritious as well

  9. I am a slave to tomatoes, so nice to see some different curries.

  10. This curry would be a good combo with nice soft rotis....

  11. We make a different sort of curry with beeraykai.this one looks good with channa dal.

  12. Made chana dal with snake gourd but not with ridge gourd.Will try it out.Looks yummy.

  13. This would make such a lovely side dish to roti or rice. Looks very comforting :)

  14. My mom made this but without the addition of onion and ginger garlic. Delicious comfort food.

  15. Lauki chana dal is our favorite.Using ridge gourd is nice variation.

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  17. Yummy looking beerakaya kura Sarita.

  18. That's an interesting combo to have when you don't have tomatoes..good one..