Monday, September 14, 2015

Mysore pak

Mysore pak is a sweet dish of southern India, usually served as dessert.It is made of generous amounts of ghee ( clarified butter) sugar and chick pea flour. This dish is very famous in Andhrapradesh and most parts in South India ,can be done in different ways.The one available in sweet shops is quite different which is made only with ghee.But this traditional Mysore pak is made with oil and ghee.The texture of this mysore pak is very nice.our whole family loves this traditional sweet.This is hard outside but soft inside but not like the regular one available in sweet shops which is soft and made with only ghee...I'm missing this sweet here in US..I did'nt see mysore pak in Indian sweet shops.So, thought of preparing at home.Finally I tried first time, it came out awesome.Melt in mouth.. yummy Mysore pak can be made very easily with just few ingredients.Here goes my recipe

  1. Besan 1 cup( or chick pea flour)or sanaga pindi
  2. Sugar 1 cup
  3. water 3/4cup
  4. ghee 1 cup
  5. oil 1/2 cup
  6. oil to mix besan 5 tbspn

  1. Take 1 cup of besan in a bowl,Heat 5 tbspn of oil to smoking point ( 5 to 10 mins) then slowly add this oil to besan mixture and mix it well.Keep aside this mixture
  2. In another pan add sugar and water and heat until liquid is one thread consistancy( around 10 to 12 mins) this is the important step.Keep an eye when the sugar syrup starts bubbling then slowly it forms one thread consistency
  3. Take another pan, heat ghee and oil until very hot.Both sugar syrup and ghee+ oil  heat side by side simultaneously.keep the burners to medium heat.
  4. Slowly add besan mixture to the sugar syrup when it just reaches one thread consistency.Mix it well with constant stirring.(keep stove burner in medium )
  5. Then add slowly hot ghee and oil mixture little by little stirring continuously.
  6. Keep pouring the ghee and oil mixture until ghee leaves away the sides.
  7. Ready baking tray or any cake tray greased with oil.
  8. Slowly spread the mixture in the tray and level.Don't press too much.
  9. Let it cool few mins then cut into small rectangles or squares.Usually Mysore pak what we eat is in a rectangular shape.
  10. Enjoy yummy melt in mouth  Mysore pak.


  • Make sure ghee + oil ( combined)is hot,when you mix in the besan mixture
  • Very important step,Always keep an eye on sugar syrup,until one thread consistency( usually after 10 mins you can see liquid bubbling then after 2 to 3 mins it forms one thread consistancy)
  • slowly mix besan in the syrup,dont worry about lumps they can easily go away when hot oil added to it.
  • Keep stirring until you see ghee+oil leaving sides.
  • Don't worry about the color,if you keep stirring longer time even after besan  releases oil then the color of the mysore pak will be more darker.


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