Thursday, December 11, 2014


Rasgulla is a popular Indian dessert especially in Odisha and west Bengal states.Rasgulla's are soft spongy balls of cottage cheese soaked in chilled sugar syrup.It  is relished almost everywhere in India and has been popularized abroad as well.Making rasgulla is an art and comes with practice.Rasgulla is a favorite sweet in my family.I'm Posting this recipe in BM#47under the theme 'Indian desserts'.Here goes my yummy recipe.

  • Milk 1 liter( whole milk)
  • Sugar2 cups
  • Sooji 1/2 tspn
  • Lemon juice 2 to 3 tbspns
  • Water 6 cups


  • Heat milk in a deep bowl,bring to boil in medium to high flame,stirring occasionally.( 10 to 15 mins)
  • When milk starts boiling ,switch off the stove.After 3 to 4 mins,Add lemon juice to the milk, Mix lemon juice until it just curdles, stir continuously till the milk curdles completely.
  • Take a muslin cloth and pour the curdled milk,filtering the water completely.
  • Wash the curdled milk called chenna with some cold water.This will remove the sourness and  help in making soft chenna.
  • Lightly squeeze the  chenna holding the sides of the cloth.Don't apply too much pressure.
  • Now hang this for 30 mins to any kitchen tap or cupboard.
  • Meanwhile,heat a deep pot with 5 to 6 cups of water and 2 cups of sugar.
  • After 30 mins take the chenna out from the muslin cloth,start kneading  around 10 to 12 mins,( add sooji and little bit of sugar and cardamom powder)until it is perfect i.e not too moisture nor too dry.Make small round balls with this chenna.
  • Heat 6 cups of water in a bowl and add sugar ,when the sugar syrup comes to boil(always burner should be in high ,),liquid should bubble up add the balls into it and cover with a lid.Water should continuously boiling in medium to high flame.
  • Give a stir after 5 mins.After 10 to 15 mins rasgullas rises up and change in size or volume.
  • Yummy rasgullas ready now.
  • Refrigerate it around 5 to 6 hours and enjoy spongy rasgullas.

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  1. Rasogulla are always welcome at the end of a meal. Yours look so light and fluffy

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  3. I have ialways been fascinated by this Bengali sweet but scared to try your version sounds simple and easy. Perfectly made.

  4. Rasgullas seem to have turned out quite well..

  5. Yummy rasogullas!! looks perfect...

  6. Juicy,succulent and spongy rasagullas are tempting me, prefect balls.

  7. Perfectly made Rasgulla.. They look yumm!!

  8. Oh we love these juicy Rasgullas!!! :) Looks yummy!!! :)

  9. Rasgulla is my favorite dessert. I can finish that whole bowl without any guilt :)