Friday, October 3, 2014


Samosa is a popular snack in India.It generally consists of a fried triangular pastry shell with a savory vegetarian filling made with potato,onion, and with some spices.It is all time  favorite tea time snack.There are lot of versions in making the stuffing.In south india samosas are slightly different and the fillling is influenced by the local food habits.Today im posting punjabi samosa where the outer covering is little thicker compared to other parts.Here I prepared my own stuffing which suits our taste. Iam posting this recipe in Blogging marathon #45 under the theme tea time snacks.Here goes my recipe.


All purpose flour or maida 2 1/2 cups
1 tspn of ajwain
1 tspn of salt
water as required.
Ghee or clarified butter 4 tbspns

For stuffing
Potatoes 3 medium size
Onion 1 medium size finely chopped
Daniya 1/4 tsp
Mustard seeds1/4 Tspn
Jeera 1/4 Tspn
Ginger finely chopped1/2 Tspn
Garam masala 1/4 Tspn ( optional)
Green chillies finely chopped 1 tspn( optional)
Turmeric1/4 Tspn
Chilie powder 1/4 Tspn
Amchur powder 1/4 tspn
Salt to taste
Oil 2 tbspn


  • Mix maida salt,ghee ajwain in a bowl.Now slowly add water to make into dough not too hard or soft just little more harder than we do for poori.cover the dough with moist cloth and keep aside atleast 30 mins.
  • For potato stuffing heat a pan add mustard,daniya,jeera,when it starts spluttering add ginger , boiled potatoes( u may add veggies of your choice.),turmeric, chilli powder and salt ,fry 3 to 5 mins in a medium flame and switch off the stove.when it cools down add amchur powder.
  • Now to prepare the outer layer for somasa take lemon size balls from the dough and roll into thin chapathi as shown in the pic( nearly our palm size)
  • Divide the chapathi into halves with knife by cutting in the center.Now take one part and fold into atriangle and seal along the fold.Fill the stuffing inside and wet your handsand seal the edges of the dough with water.
  • press the ends tightly so that the filling will not come out during frying.
  • Heat oil for deep fry in a pan,when it is hot reduce the flame into medium and drop 3 samosas for frying.Fry until golden brown,by turning bothe sides.Fry samosas in low to medium heat as they must cook well inside as well.
  • When they almost cooked take out on a tissue paper and enjoy.

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  1. You should try baking the samosas. They taste great!

    1. Yeah varadha next time will try that..

  2. A great accompaniment to a cup of tea.

  3. I can munch some anytime, fabulous tea time snacks.

  4. perfect tea time snack , my all time fav :) You have made them so perfect, I wud love to grab them from my screen now !!

  5. A perfect tea time snack and a great party appetizer as well.

  6. we made these two days back and used the air fryer instead of frying..a good version.

  7. All time favorite snack to all...your samosas have turned out great!

  8. What a lovely combo of Samosa and Tea...Samosas look great!

  9. all time best snack. looks so heavenly