Monday, August 25, 2014

coconut jaggery laddu(kobbari undalu)

Jaggery is a natural and alternative for sugar.Sugar is manufactured by chemical process where as Jaggery is obtained from sugar juice.It is the safest and the purest form of sugar and the process of jaggery doesnt involve any chemicals.It contains natural goodness of vitamins and minerals.It is extremely beneficial for anemic people as it is rich in iron.Coconut also have numerious health benefits.Eating coconut is excellent for ones immunity.Here I am posting coconut jaggery laddu in BM#43 under Festival theme which is very easy and delicious recipe.I prepared this recipe on Janmastami day.Here goes my recipe.


  • 1 cup grated coconut( fresh or frozen)
  • 1 cup jaggery grated
  • cardamom powder 1/4 tsp(optional)
  • Ghee 1 tspn


  • Take a heavy bottom pan, and add grated coconut and jaggery in medium heat.
  • Mix it well until jaggery starts melting.Let the coconut cook well with jaggery.
  • Stir the mixture continuously to avoid burn at the bottom.Once it starts thickning switch of the stove.(usually it takes 8 to 10 mins)Let it cool.
  • Avoid over cooking the mixture as it leads to hard balls.
  • When the mixture is still warm grease your palms with ghee and start making round balls called laddus or undalu.Yummy sweet is ready(mix cardmom powder while making laddus,I havent used it as i wanted to enjoy coconut jaggery flavor)

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  1. wow such an tempting and delicious ladoo :) with jaggery makes it more healthy :)

  2. Coconut ladoos are so yummy! Your have turned out great with jaggery. Lovely color

  3. Its a great idea.. Always I have left over filling from mothaks.. should try this one :-)

  4. Love the colour of this laddu, jaggery makes the magic na.

  5. Very nice laddos...looks so inviting..

  6. wow looks yummy! lovely combination

  7. Very tempting. I love them so much that I am scared to make these at home. As I wouldn't sleep until they are done :)

  8. I love coconut ladoos , those looks tempting !

  9. Tempting laduus. I love these laddus and most of them get finished by me if I made them at my home.