Monday, May 19, 2014

Mango milk shake with chocolate

Mangoes are widely used in cuisine.  Mangoes are rich in fiber,beta carotene,phytochemicals and vitamins.We also get calcium when you add milk.Mango milk shakes can be made with fresh or frozen mangoes or with pulp that can be purchased in local Indian stores. Mango lassi is popular throughout South Asia. Ripe mangoes are used in making milk shakes.Mango milk shake is one  of the delicious shakes which we like to drink during summer season.Adding a chocolate  gives  unique flavor and a great taste to the mango milk shake.Here goes the recipe.


  • Mango pulp 1 cup
  • milk 2 cups or 1 cup as per our taste.
  • chocolate sauce 2 tspns
  • sugar 1/4 cup(If  you want more you can add more sugar)
  • chocolate chips 1 tbspn


  • Blend together sugar,mango pulp,milk till smooth.( you can take out pulp from fresh ripe mangoes,i  used store bought pulp here)
  • If you have chocolate powder you can prepare chocolate sauce by adding little water,sugar and just boil 1 to 2 mins.( 1 tbspn of powder, water and sugar same amount i.e 1 tbspn)
  • Pour mango mixture into glasses,on top of it just pour 1 tsp of chocolate sauce,sprinkle some chocolate chips.serve chilled.Yummy milk shake is ready.
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  1. Very tempting milkshake, so delicious.

  2. I like mango & chocolate combination. This milk shake would also make a nice welcome drink at a party

  3. Mango milkshake is always a favorite.

  4. Never thought of mixing these two together..Very nice way to have mangoes and chocolates!

  5. Beautiful presentation for a lovely drink.

  6. Mango and chocolate - that's an interesting combination drink you have there.