Saturday, February 1, 2014

Baked murukulu(chakli)

1. Rice flour1 cup
2. Besan (sanaga pindi) 1/2 cup
3.ghee 1 Tspn
4.Ajwain 1/2 Tspn(vamu)
6.chilli powder 1 Tspn
1. Take a bowl mix all ingredients well and slowly add water to prepare a tight dough as we do for chapathis.
2.Preheat oven 350f.Arrange a baking tray grease with oil(you can spray any oil ),this is optional.Though u can try without oil,and put a small amount of dough (lemon size) in a murukulu maker.

3. Slowly arrange it on the tray.When the temperature reaches 350F,put the tray inside.
4.Wait 30 to 35 mins.Mean time we have to observe inside,time varies from oven to oven.
5. After 35 mins take out the tray and let it cool down.Yummy murukulu ready now,have it as snack.


  1. wow guilt free snack to munch :) looks super delicious and happy to follow you .. do visit my blog too , wud be happy if you follow me back !! :)
    Desi Fiesta