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Followers & Fellow Bloggers, I am Sarita and hail from erstwhile Andhra Pradesh now Seemandhra, which is in the southern side of India and has a major role in my culinary skills though I believe in Variety being spice of life. Presently I reside in Tampa, southern side of Florida, USA with my family.

I was a bookworm with typical studious type with glasses during my college days with a view of exposure to heat might affect my skin so I used to dread getting into the kitchen. Post marriage my passion for Cooking started with inspiration from my hubby who is not only a foodie but a good cook as well and coupled with the same genes getting into my kids with pre-activated taste buds craving for unique taste acted as a catalyst. So here’s presenting to you some of my tried and tested recipes in my kitchen.

I replicated some of the recipes cooked in my mother and mother in law’s method while majority of it are tuned to my hubby’s exploration with spices. With him being a perfectionist the added challenge enhanced these Recipes to bring out the best both in flavor and aroma. My inspiration to start this blog came from watching lot of cookery shows and trying new recipes every day. Though I hold a Master’s degree in Nuclear Physics and don’t qualify as a professional in culinary skills, I am trying to acquire it through cookery shows on air and learning from family and friends. Last but not the least am surely enjoying each and every moment in my kitchen.

Happy Cooking!!!!

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  1. Great to know about your interest as well as exploring new dishes. Hope to learn more from u.